Article Rewriter Tool

Article Rewriter Tool - This tool enables you to rewrite different articles with just a click of button. This script contains long dictionary of words and their synonyms in array format. You can amend and add more words to array as well in order to make the script more robust

Plagiarism Checker Tool

Plagiarism Checker Tool - This tool can be helpful for educators, students, website owners as well as content writers and publishers because you can simply paste any article or text content in this tool and check whether this text or part of this text is copied from internet. That how you can also check if anyone is plagiarizing your content. This tool also calculate and display the unique content score in percentage. You can easily integrate this script in your websites and wordpress blogs and make your websites more interactive and standout

Backlinks Checker Tool

Backlinks Checker Tool - This tool allows to check up to thousand baclinks of a website. It provides the information about the domain, Pages linking to your websites. The data can be exported to excel format as well.

Bing Yahoo Search Ads Extractor

Bing Yahoo Search Ads Extractor - This tool enables you to fetch paid listing ads from Yahoo search results. It provides Ad heading, description, display URL, destination URL. Data can be exported to excel file. Bing and Yahoo Network share same contextual Ads program

Hreflang Tags Generator

Hreflang Tags Generator - Basically hreflang tag lets Google know which language you are using on a specific page, so it can serve result to users searching in that language. This tool is pretty helpful in generating hreflang tags as it allows you to put Webpage URL, select language and country and it provide you the tag code. You can also get multiple hreflang tag code as well.

Google XML Sitemap Generator

Google XML Sitemap Generator - Having website sitemap is good practice it helps search engines to index web pages. This tool allows to create XML sitemap of any website with ease. You just have to provide list of URLs of your web pages and it will generate sitemap of those URLs which you can submit in Google Webmasters tool as well

Htaccess Code Generator

Htaccess Code Generator - Many developers find difficulty in writing htaccess rules and conditions. With the help of this tool anyone can generate htaccess code very easily by providing and selecting few values. With this you can set website redirects, block IPs and bots, change default directory pages, etc. All you have to do is copy generated code and put in .htaccess file and uplaod on your server.

Adwords Ads Extractor

Adwords Ads Extractor - This tool scrape the featured or sponsored ads data that you can see in Google SERPs. These are usually paid listing from Google Adwords program. This script allows you to enter multiple keywords, then it will query Google with those keywords and scrape the ads or inorganic search results that will be also available to download as a spreadsheet. The fields it scrape includes Ad title, description, website URL, destination URL, etc

Social Content Locker Code Generator

Social Content Locker Code Generator - This script generates simple content locker HTML and JavaScript code which lock the web page contents for few seconds and show Facebook, Twitter and Google like, follow and +1 buttons that force visitors to share your website on social media sites. People can simply copy and paste the generated code in their website in order to implement social content locking functionality .

Proxies Supported SERP Position Checker Tool

Proxies Supported SERP Position Checker Tool - With the help of this SERP Checker Tool you can eassily check the position or rank of multiple keywords at a time. you can also set the no. of SERP pages you want to digg. For example if you want to find the position of keyword within top 100 records of Google, Yahoo, and Bing you just have to supply the value to 10 to “How Many SERP Pages?” field. This script also support proxies but it can be run without proxies as well. The ranking report is displayed in html page and also available to download in CSV format

On Page SEO Analyzer

On Page SEO Analyzer - On-page optimization is one the key factor in gaining higher rankings in organic search results. On Page SEO Analyzer Tool check the websites from different aspects and present a comprehensive report about the SEO efforts and problems. The report contains different sections such as website resources, meta tags , headings, images, external links, internal links, keywords density, etc. This tool can be a good addition on the websites of seo and internet marketing companies

Articles Comparison and Uniqueness Checker

Articles Comparison and Uniqueness Checker - As we all know unique contents is the key to gain good ranking in search engines. Article rewriting is a cheap way to get unique contents for website. In order to check uniqueness of rewritten articles we have created a articles comparison tool in which you can input two articles and it tells about the percentage for uniqueness and highlight the similarities of both articles.

Not Mobile Friendly Websites Finder

Not Mobile Friendly Websites Finder - This tool allows you to search not mobile friendly websites by specifying the keyword and target location. It will fetch the list of related website URLs using Bing API and check for mobile friendliness using Google mobile friendliness test API and further it try to extract website contact emails. By clicking on emails you can send emails to website owners having not mobile-friendly websites and offer your services to them. There is a pre-set email template which will make your task easy. This script is ideal for Website Design and Development Companies

Search Engine Emails Extractor

Search Engine Emails Extractor - This tool can get up to 1000 top website URLs from Bing organic search results using API for the entered keyword and it open each website go to its contact page and parse the email addresses. It also allows to send emails using free API. This tool can be useful for lead generation and for the companies who offers webmasters related products or services. The data can be exported to excel format

Local Business Listing Tool

Local Business Listing Tool - This tool checks whether your business is listed on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yellow Pages, Yelp and other local search engines & social networks and helps if not listed yet. This tools gets the listings data from different sources such as Google Places, Facebook, Twitter, YP, Yelp, Superpages, Yahoo local listing, Foursquare, and Bing. On the basis of that collected data it calculates the score for your business on local search

All in One Keyword Research Tool

All in One Keyword Research Tool - This tool enables you to get the top keyword ideas from most popular websites such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay, Youtube, Wikipedia. It also provides report about the domains already registered or still available of those keywords

Website Grader Clone

Website Grader Clone - Website Grader Tool analyzes the website from different aspects and provide a detailed report about the content, optimization, promotion, conversion and ranking. The major factors that are analyzed by this tool are Blog, Analysis, Indexed Pages, Readability Level, MetaData, Headings, Images, Domain Age, Time to Domain Expiration, Moz Rank, Domain Authority, Linking Domains, Twitter and Facebook marketing, etc. and it also show 3 competing websites data for comparison .

WooRank Clone Script

WooRank Clone Script - WooRank PHP script is a website analysis tool, where visitors can analyze different websites from SEO point of view. By examining data via different APIs and scraping techniques, this tool create a report that summarize website’s visitors data, Content, In-Site SEO, Off-Site SEO, Usability, and website Whois information. The data this script show is Traffic Estimation, Alexa rank, PageRank, Indexed pages in Search Engines, Total backlinks to websites, Meta data and Code analysis report, directory submission status, social media backlinks, etc. You can simply integrate this tool in your website or blog by placing the files on your server.

Unnatural Links Removal Disavow Tool

Unnatural Links Removal Disavow Tool - This tool automate the process of finding unnatural backlinks to your website, finding contact emails of websites having links and requesting them to remove your backlink via email. Firstly you will enter your domain name then script will start finding backlinks to your website using Bing API then you can filter out the unnatural backlinks and start finding their website’s contact email. Lastly you can send email to website owner or webmaster via script requesting backlink removal. There is a pre-set email text template which you can also edit. The emails will be delivered using Mandrill API.

Mobile Friendly Test API Script

Mobile Friendly Test API Script - This tool allows you to analyze any website from mobile friendliness point of view. When you query with web page URL it tells either page is mobile friendly or not, mobile friendliness score, point out the issues, and shows screenshot preview of the website how it look like from mobile device. This script is using Google API to get the mobile usability data.

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